PostPosted: Sat May 07, 2011 12:55 pm
The speech written & read on stage by Ronnie at the beginning of the evening

"Arthur Porter Lee was my brother, my best friend, my family, my mentor and my hero from the very first moment that we met. I truly loved and love him still. We had a special rapport that I never had with anyone else. We grew up together in business and in life.
I had absolutely no knowledge of Arthur or his group Love when Herbie Cohen asked me to run a fan club for them. I was intrigued by the name. I called the number Herbie gave me and intriduced myself. The voice on the phone said, and I quote, “Could you do me a favor and fire Herbie Cohen for me,“ followed by his incredible laugh. At that moment, he had me forever. I went to meet him, and as the saying goes, the rest in history.
We worked together, learned from each other, talked until the sun came up on so many memorable days and absolutely trusted and respected eachother. I’d say “Till the end,“ but for me there will never be an end. I know we will meet again, if they let me into heaven.
Observing Arthur create music, play every instrument, direct his various bands, respect and adore his mother and his dogs and his ability to function in his own orbit and rationalize everyone else’s, was eye opening and mind blowing.
He was the Picasso of song; telling it as he saw it with that Arthur Lee sense of humor, always clear, always honest, always way ahead of his time.
His music is as relevant today as it was when he wrote it. Everyone here tonight, and then some, know this, that’s why his lyrics and music will live on and on and on. The greatest favor you can do – if you loved his body of work, his imagery, his words, his melodies – is to turn one more person on to Arthur and Love. Then you will truly be paying the well deserved respect he was put here for, his music and creative perspective were his gift to those of us who were lucky enough to be part of his journey.
Whether you went to a concert, heard and interview, listened to the albums, CDs or music online, really heard his extrodinarily beautiful voice, or, if you were lucky enough to cultivate a friendship, long or short, remember a conversation, hear one of his many jokes, or even if you shared his dark sense of humor, or just got his autograph: I am telling you, you touched or witnessed a real genious, a real talent, and my true friend and brother. Feel it, believe it, because it’s true.
My life was fuller and more special for the time I shared with him. I knew then, as I know today, how very much he meant to me – reflect often on how much he meant to you, to music and to Love. His memory and music will live on."


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