PostPosted: Tue Jun 07, 2011 9:20 am
Today is the date the album was to be released but High Moon has decided to push the release date forward a bit to make sure they have it just right. We've waited this long guess we can wait a little longer. (but just a short while more) Check High Moon Records web site in a day or so for the new release date. And / or I will post here once I get confirmation from George Wallace.

Meanwhile I can confirm there will be "MANY" never before seen exceptionally beautiful photos and a musical surprise or two. A surprise even for the extreme & serious collectors. Don't try to guess, enjoy the surprise when it happens.

Lot's of good press out there. Be sure to check out "SPIN", " Los Angeles Magazine" and a few others you will find. I'll also post links here later & maybe even today.

Sorry I can't put a surprise pic here yet but meanwhile, here's a pic of the promo CD cover that was given away at the launch party. They were limited to 300. The 4 songs chosen were all my favorites: Beep Beep, Young & Able (aka) Good & Evil, Can't Find It & Lonely Pigs.

No, this is not the cover pic of the forth coming vinyl or CD and yes the colors are reversed. LOVE will be in "red" & Black Beauty in "black"

Black Beauty Promo CD2.jpeg.jpg

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