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I produced the original Broadway production of HAIR as well as the film because of my concern for the political drift of America: War, Freedom, Civil Rights, Openness, Women's Rights, and the environment were just some of issues.

Today there are many more problems and they are worse.

It is time for HAIR to rise again as a NewNation, to help create a movement to address our common concerns.

Peace and Love,
Michael Butler

In 1968, as the Vietnam War raged and the Civil Rights Movement was at its peak, a young man named Michael Butler brought a brilliant new rock musical to Broadway at great personal and professional risk. As we all know, HAiR was a resounding success. Never has a musical better encapsulated the struggles and issues of a generation. HAiR not only gave a voice to the message of peace and tolerance, it was a megaphone for the social awareness movement, carrying demands for equality and pleas for compassion to audiences world-wide. The spellbinding music became beloved anthems around the globe and has been embraced even by the youth of today..

Now, in 2013, the genius of writings of James Rado, Jerome Ragni, and Galt McDermot are being presented by Michael Butler again with the help of Ben Vereen, onstage in Los Angeles. Although times and some issues have shifted, Michael and Ben believe the message of HAiR and the continuing fight against social injustice is more relevant in the 21st century than it was in 1967.

Our need for activism is much greater at this time than it has EVER BEEN!

We invite you to share in the honor and privilege of being a part of this historic event. Your financial support through our crowd funding website will continue Michael's vision for ongoing progress and a cry for unity. This will be an extraordinary movement; not just a spectacle. We thank you in advance for your membership to our growing Tribe. Please see the attached links to donate to our crowd funding website, root us on and “Like” our Facebook fan page, and/or follow us on Twitter! Together we can make a DIFFERENCE!

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Our Official website:

Peace, Love, and Happiness,

Michael Butler
Ben Vereen
And the entire HairNewNation Tribe
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