The book store on the Sunset Strip ~ July 2010

PostPosted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 8:19 pm
On Saturday July 10, 2010
The book store on the Sunset Strip was packed wall to wall to wall & corner to corner with fans, friends and family who were there to honor Arthur Lee & Love.
Many thanks to Domenic Priore author of "Riot on Sunset Strip" for being there to graciously MC the event & introduce the guest speakers beginning with author John Einarson. John arrived in town the evening before to be in L.A. solely for this special event. Immediately after he spoke, signed authgraphs & posed for photos John was driven to LAX by Kara Wright where he got on a plane going to Toronto for an event the next day for another project he has going.

We were honored to have additional guest speakers, Jac Holzman, Bruce Botnick, David Fairweather,and Joe Blocker. Also attending & there to share their memories were Len Fagan, Allan Talbert, Melvan Whittington, Gary Stern, Azel Taylor, Dennis Kelley, Arthur's cousin Joe Joyner & his wife Lovey, Robert Leslie Dean, Terri Green who is the daughter of Arthur's long time friend from the 60's David Biali (deceased). Former girlfriends of Arthur's who attended were Ria Berkus, Annette Ferrell & Gaye Blair.
I think I saw Chis Boyle for just a flash to wave hello to from across the aisle. The store was so packed with people & books, it was difficult to speak with everyone.

Mike Randle, Dave Chapple & David Daddyo Green generously gave their time to do a 5 song acoustic set after the Q&A & while autographs were gathered.

Dave Chapple sang a wonderful version of 5 String Serenade which is now posted on the web site. When Arthur wrote that song he was in Memphis, sitting in the backyard with his guitar & the family dog when a light rain began. ("Beneath the water I played & while I'm playing for you it might be raining there too...... but on the roof of my head here came this 5 string serenade").... That evening, on July 10th while we were attending the event, it rained for a short while in L.A.

Mike Randle sang a new song that Arthur wrote titled "Love on Earth Must Be" A full blown version of the song with Arthur singing is being prepared for release. More on that & the bands involvement with the song later.

Most of the event is on video tape. In order to share some of the day with you 5 video clips & some still shots have been added to a new page labeled SPECIAL INTEREST.... click on the new page button on the menu and .. Check it out .

One more thing of special interest is the upcoming celebration honoring the 60th anniversary of Elektra Records. That's something most of us won't want to miss out on. The web address for this celebration is


Marquee ~ Photo by Nurit Wilde


Inside Store Display ~ Photo by Rockin Robert Dean

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