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A lovely rendition of "Message to Pretty" and "Orange Skies" From Nemo Shaw. The link to both songs is here You may also read what he writes about himself. Give a listen but ..will not continue to post songs sung by other than LoVE.

I originate from Fife in Scotland born 1978. The main part of my childhood was spent living in countryside and particularly strong formative stage living in a dis-used church - the pews were taken out and inside was a big play room - the adults and the musicans used it for parties and band rehearsals - we used to rollerskate and so on - I remember the sound of my cousin playing the pink panther theme tune on a sax in there and will never forget the sound i now know as reverb!

I enjoyed music and creativity from an early age...

My father and mother had very wide tastes in music - so I was lucky to hear lots of stuff - they liked psychaedelic music amongst many other styles (but I don't recall them having a copy of anything by LoVE), such as rock and roll, blues, electronic...etc...

It was later on, in my teens when I was buying CDs for peoples Christmas presents (around 1995) when I think maybe from a magazine recommendation or some other input I bought a copy of Forever changes for my mum - I had never heard it but thought she would appreciate music of her 60s generation. On hearing that it was meant to be good me and my older brother had a sneaky listen before wrapping up the presents and bizarrely the disc was a musical misprint - although the artwork said love forever changes - the actual music pressed on the disc was some French band of some sort who - me and brother were going yeah its good isnt it to each other (although somewhat bemused!). Anyway when my mum actually unwrapped the disc and put in on the player - she explained that it was not in fact the real music! so we felt a little silly to say the least...anyway we got it replaced and finally heard the real LoVE Forever Changes - I was struck by the brass and strings, the clever and unusual lyrics, and the haunting melodies - it was to grow on me every listen as it still does, the meanings being revealed to me clearer and deeper over time I became enthralled by this great music and the mystery and stories of the original band and its members, the challenges they all faced and ultimately the fact that although they created some of the all time greatest music - they still retain and air of unknown-ness. I love watching the interview at the end of the 1966 program when the guy asks Arthur so you live in a castle here in Los Angeles - to which he replies yeah we do - the interviewer doesn't really know what to make of it all!

I was lucky enough to catch a couple of shows in Europe - the best was at Dublin Academy around 2000 and another great show in Nottingham Rock City a year or two later - the guys (who thanks to your website) I now know to be Baby Lemonade we're really great but Arthur was amazing with his hat and his shades, and his tambourine - gesturing and living every word he was singing - what a show man! a real education it was for me as well as an entertainment. It was sad to hear of his passing but all the more do I now treasure seeing those shows - the London date with the full brass and strings on the DVD looked stunning.

So forward to now...well I am just a lover of music, a song writer, a channel for energy, and am really going for it at the moment, and I am very drawn to this music. I would be delighted to take you up on your offer regarding the press and news page...

By the way - I love the website - so interesting - I really enjoyed the very personal photos with the explanations - helps give a closer view to this mysterious legend.
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