7/14/11 Updates from High Moon Records~ Black Beauty Release

PostPosted: Thu Jul 14, 2011 10:01 am
Check out this interesting photo & info from High Moon web site as they continue ( with pride & respect) to get both Love's "Black Beauty" & Gene Clarks "Two Sides to Every Story" ready for release.

"Yesterday, we had lacquers cut at The Mastering Lab to begin production for the vinyl release of Love’s Black Beauty. Vinyl has thankfully been making a steady comeback, but with so few pressing plants that have survived the CD era, production times grow longer, as the demand grows. They are, however, entirely worth the wait !

This photo was taken while we were there, and you can see a lacquer being cut on one of the lathes. Besides Love’s Black Beauty, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon & Kate Bush’s Directors Cut, were recently cut on these."



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