PostPosted: Sat Oct 15, 2011 5:54 pm
RIP Robert Leslie Dean. It was only today I heard he passed of a heart attack a couple of weeks ago. We had spoken on the phone that afternoon. He was on his way to see Elizabeth McKee to disdcuss some additional music of Bryan's he was going to help her package together for release. He was excited about that, he always said he was blessed in his life enjoying the things he did, enjoying the people he knew & said he had all he needed in this life. A former friend of Arthur's who was very kind and a friend to me.

Over the years Robert took many photos of Arthur. Some of them are on this web site. He was always so generous in sharing the photos he took.

There are two photos of Robert here. One I took of him in the back parking lot of Book Soup July 2010 on the day of the book signing event.
The other photo was taken on Thanksgiving 1977 at the McKee home. Also in that photo are Arthur, Bryan, Bryan's mother Elizabeth McKee & Bryan's stepfather Jack.

Thanks for everything Robert I will remember the many thoughtful things you have done for me which include taking the time to call & say hello every now & then and taking the time to make me laugh. I will miss our conversations.


Book Soup Day July 2010


That's Robert in the back row next to Arthur & behind Elizabeth McKee. Bryan next to Arthur

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