12/09/11 Black Beauty ~ to Press & Fans from High Moon

PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 5:17 pm
Here's the Statement to Press & Fans From High Moon Records

High Moon Records would like to thank all the journalists and editors for the great reviews the albums have received thus far, and sincerely appreciate their patience. We would also like to extend our utmost gratitude to the estates of Arthur Lee and Gene Clark and all the fans who have reached out to us (with emails ranging from gratitude and support to skepticism!), as we've worked to give these timeless albums by two of the foremost Rock Singer-Songwriters the ultimate releases they deserve. We assure you, it will be worth the wait.

We are currently finalizing the artwork for both releases on LP & CD.

Both albums were remastered by multi-Grammy award nominee Dan Hersch. The lacquers were mastered and cut by vinyl pioneer Doug Sax.

The essay for 'Black Beauty' was written by Ben Edmonds (Editor-Cream, Rolling Stone, Mojo), who interviewed upwards of forty of Arthur Lee's closest colleagues and friends about this never-examined period of his career.

High Moon Records has licensed more that fifty never-before-seen pictures of Arthur Lee and the band during 'Black Beauty' sessions by Herbert Worthington (Fleetwood Mac's Rumours, Buddy Miles, Jimi Hendrix).

The essay for 'Two Sides To Every Story' was written by Gene Clark biographer, John Einarson.
The label unearthed the never-seen, original 4" color transparencies of the 'Two Sides' photo session by Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame photographer Ed Caraeef.

For the packaging we used the best possible resources: hardbound eco-books for the CDs, TrueSound audiophile-quality CD's, 180-gram LP's with old-school, tip-on jackets and 11"x 11" magazine-style, glossy inserts with full- color pictures.

One of our primary goals from the start was to release these albums in a manner that would have made Gene Clark & Arthur Lee proud. We hope we have succeeded.

High Moon Records
/George Baer Wallace and J.D. Martignon"

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Joe Blocker , Melvan Whittington, John Sterling & Riley Racer at 1st meeting lunch with High Moon Jan 2011

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