PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2012 2:38 pm
What a wonderful exhibit, so well done. Definately want a 2nd trip back because just too many wonderful music memories to see in one short visit. Many of the displays have earphones outside of the glass case to select the song to hear.

Johnny Otis was featured as was the great old record shop on Central Ave in L.A. "Dolphins of Hollywood" Google it if you don't know.

Here are a few pics I was able to take then we were gently told cameras were not allowed. Hmm, next time. Three more pics on the next post/page. This will only allow 3 per post.

Arthur's items dsiplayed were the Jacket, Guitar, Harmonica, In a separate case was the 7 & 7 Is sheet music & in yet another case was the Billboard photograph

Jacket & Guitar.JPG

The Jacket & Guitar with Harmonica too small to see well Mid of the V on the left of the Guitar

Pandoras Box Menu.JPG

The Good Old Days Menu From "Pandoras Box "

LoVe Billboard On Sunset.JPG

Picture of Billboard on Display in Grammy Exhibit

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