PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2012 1:55 pm
Last night I started to read the Johnny Echols interview in "Ugly Things" will finish it today. It's decently long touching on many subjects and my eyes tired.

Congrats to all involved with the article . It is refreshing to read the recollections of someone who was there & deeply involved rather than years of suppositions. I foolishly was not into the music until after I met Mr. Charming, Arthur in 1970. Only then did I begin to appreciate the beautiful complexities of the music.

The article is full of many great pics & vintage artwork. I read much of the artwork, if not all, was co-ordinated by Domenic Priore. Xlnt choices Domenic. If you are a fan of LoVe, do something good for yourself & get this collectors issue.

Ugly Things 2012.png

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