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PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2012 12:10 pm
I have been waiting for John to write back and give me his permission to post this but becuase I am so thrilled to have heard from him & anxious for fans to know his memories, yet another side of the on going legend , here goes. Thanks for the compliments John, so pleased you approve of the web site.

Good evening, Mrs Lee,

It is quite by happenstance that I found your website and so happy to have done so.

I knew Arthur pretty well in the 1960's, when I joined the American Four as a drummer.

I had the good fortune of meeting Arthur's mother during many of the rehearsals at his home, which I recall being off the 10 freeway near Arlington. She was always very sweet.

I was actually introduced to Arthur and Johnny thru a Hollywood High classmate, John Fleckenstein. I recall we all worked at club in the Winter of 65 in Inglewood and then we had a pretty long stint at the Montebello Bowl, followed by a session or two at a studio on Melrose near Vine. We did some other gigs, the most memorable to me being a one-nighter at a club on Ventura at Van Nuys Blvd. Turned out to be a gay bar, and I think it was booked by a rather elderly lady, who I recall was Arthur's choice of agent. What made it so memorable, aside from it being openly gay, was the literal fist fight that Arthur had with Fleck in the parking lot on one of our breaks. Fleck was football star at HHS, but Arthur put him down in about two punches.

My timing to go back to college was unfortunate in the Fall of 1966. I last saw Arthur and Johnny at Bito Litos. My then brand new wife (now married 45 years) went to watch the band. A month or so later, I was driving down Sunset and saw the Love poster at The Whisky! Arthur Had Arrived! I was very glad for him and Johnny.

Although I would change nothing related to my life, wife, 4 kids, and now 6 grandkids, I must tell you there have been hours of daydreaming in the "coulda, woulda, shoulda" mode, keeping time on my steering wheel to rock music as I inched along zillions of miles to get to work and back home daily via the 405 and the myriad other freeways here in L.A.

Your love and dedication to Arthur is very impressive, and I applaud your dedication.

Thank you for having this site and sharing so many touching memories.


John Jacobson

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