High Moon Says It's Almost Ready / Black Beauty

PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2012 9:10 am
Check out the very nice label. Looks 1st class to me. Appropriately so for the 1st class music. Patiently waiting.

Here's the link to High Moon web site for info


08/28/12 Going into Production!

We've been busy. Can you tell? Well, it's true.

Gene Clark's Two Sides To Every Story and Love's Black Beauty are all set to start production, tomorrow, after we make a final approval on our tip on, old school custom fit jackets. We had to work on them a bit to get them dead right as Black Beauty comes with a 28 page booklet and Two Sides To Every Story, has a 16 page booklet. All full of never-before-seen photo's and essays by the fantastic Ben Edmunds (Love) and John Einarson (Gene Clark).

We'd rather apologize for keeping you waiting, than apologize for a jacket that bowed from all the goodies inside, or with silly typo's or....

It's been a long road, and as High Moon Records first outing - it's been a very ambitious adventure. Why not just jump in the deep end? Much has been learned, created, setup, and prepared. The future should be a piece of cake.

Thank you for hanging in there, we'll be back soon with pre-ordering information for the 180g LP's. They are coming off-the-line first, followed a little later on by the CD's.

Please sign up to our mailing list. The upcoming newsletter will contain pre-order and product info.

In the meanwhile, we are busy working with our crew behind-the-scenes on the shops, radio promotion, advertising, distribution and more.

If you own a record store or have a favorite one near you - Let us know!

at shop@highmoonrecords.com



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