PostPosted: Thu Jan 02, 2014 10:19 pm
You've waited, I've waited, all fans of the music have waited.
At last, and 40 years later the album is presented in CD format. It's presented beautifully and ready to be received with all the glory the music deserves.

Excellent bonus tracks added to the original song list. Filled with a delight of surprises for the true fan.

High Moon Records is proud to announce the release of its first CDs available exclusively on our website

CDs ship mid-January

Several years ago Herbie Worthington took that back cover photo. He captured the sensitivity of the moment from then for us here and now. You can now share in and enjoy some of the knowledge of previously untold bits of history that went along with this continuing story of Arthur Lee's LOVE

Just when you think you know the whole story something new from the old comes along. ......Thanks High Moon


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